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Products and Services

The iTrack GPS Tracking System provides personalized services and solutions to everyone. You can choose from a wide variety of our products, from simple real-time, online tracking, to detection of complex relationships and accurate fuel controlling systems. With our services you can find the optimal solution for you and your company.

For further information about our products and prices, please contact our representative. Our expert associates gladly offer a short presentation at your chosen location free of charge.

Theft Protection

The iTrack GPS theft protection system has been developed to prevent car theft.

Online tracking

With live GPS satellite-based tracking you can ensure ongoing monitoring of your fleet. The system is characterized by accurate positioning and user-friendly applications.

Route registry

The GPS-related tracking system facilitates control of your fleet. You can avoid unnecessary costs by ongoing tracking for business use and the system even facilitates monitoring fleet movement in video format.

iTrack Investigator

This is an automatic search engine, which indicates perceived errors and suspected cases of fraud. The system lists disorders and even notifies you through email or SMS so you can take immediate action.

Fuel control

Precise fuel monitoring system which accurately detects consumption of fuel with one percent error rate. By the help of fuel monitoring identify and prevent any fuel theft.

Office Hours utilization monitoring

The iTrack GPS Tracking System creates accurate and fast reports, which facilitate audits and control.

Product protection and temperature monitoring

Thanks to the GPS Tracking System your delivered goods can be secured, whether it is valuable cargo or frozen meat. The iTrack GPS Tracking System can accurately monitor the route and exact position of any shipment.

Private corporate switch

If you require information on work related an private usage of your vehicles, accurate reporting produced by the iTrack GPS system can provide you with the answers. The GPS-based tracking system can provide you with information and produce daily and monthly summaries at request to enable you to identify private and corporate use of vehicles.

Automatic Reporting

Complex reports from any measured data are offered at the touch of a button using the iTrack GPS Tracking System.

Communication with ERP systems

The iTrack GPS Tracking System can be connected to any ERP systems, thus facilitating the transfer of data and information.

Simplifying invoicing and audits

With the GPS-based vehicle tracking system invoicing and accounting can become easy. There is no need for comparison of complex spreadsheets any more.

Messaging Terminal

By using the iTrack messaging terminal communication costs on international routes can be significantly reduced.

Mobile application

The iTrack free mobile application allows you to get accurate and real-time information about your vehicles even if you are not at your office.

Servicing Monitoring Application

Automatic alerts can be sent to the iTrack GPS equipped vehicle when an oil change or service is due or when the battery voltage falls below a certain level.

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