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iData success at SAP competition

The region's Silver awarded to iData doubling revenues last year

Budapest – The company management system of a small Hungarian firm, iData Ltd, specialized in GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems, has been awarded one of the best in the region – it has been reported by SAP Hungary Ltd. The assessment criteria of the SAP Quality Awards examined the quality of implementation of IT systems, and the advantages it provided the organization with.

The firm awarded the Central European silver prize introduced SAP Business One over a two month period which is the shortest implementation period of the system in its history of many years. The panel of judges highlighted in its appraisal that the firm managed to define and achieve clearly measurable qualitative and quantitative aims. iData Ltd, which has been on the market for six years and doubled its revenue in the past year, involved its staff in the implementation process, took their ideas into account and consequently achieved a high level of acceptance by staff. The operation of the company became faster and more transparent with the use of the IT system with which the handling of purchases and bills, forecasting, reporting and client management, for example, have all become simpler and error-free.

The award was presented in Prague to Andras Szabo, the Technical Director of iData Ltd and Tamas Matolcsi, the Managing Director of OnLiveIt Ltd, who assisted the company in the implementation of the system.

 A képen a SAP képviselői mellett Szabó András vállalatfejlesztési igazgató, Szaladják Linda marketing manager és Matolcsi Tamás, ügyvezető igazgató Onlive IT


”After the previous year, yet again it was a Hungarian firm and its implementation partner among the best of the region which is a clear indication of the implementation expertise of our national partner network” / highlighted Gergely Kezdy, the regional channel manager of SAP Hungary Ltd.

Jiri Synacek, the regional quality control director pointed out that successful implementation takes more than knowledge or ability. It takes commitment from company management and the belief that quality work carried out with advanced tools provides the company with an advantage which offers its clients  assurance that is felt in its day-to-day operations.

A győzteseknek járó elismerést Prágában adták át Szabó Andrásnak, az iData Kft. műszaki igazgatójának, Szaladják Linda marketing managernek és Matolcsi Tamásnak, az OnLiveIt Kft. ügyvezetőjének, aki a rendszer bevezetésében segített a cégnek.

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