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About us

iData Ltd is a Hungarian company specialized in satellite-based tracking systems, route and fleet management and vehicle theft control since 2005. Our highly qualified team of engineers, however, have been involved in the trade for more than 10 years.

Our engineers designed a system which is adaptable, versitile and easily to manage. Users can access all data of their tracked vehicles via the Internet.

The knowledge and expertees of our engineers allow us to accommodate a variety of customer needs. Our service, offered at a competitive monthly cost, helps you improve the profitability of your enterprise and makes your budgeting easier.

Please contact us for more detailed information. Our customer service is committed to answering your questions. Appointments and live demos are provided free at your request.

Why choose us?

  • Because our goal is to make your job easier
  • Because the versatility of our service is outstanding
  • Because we put your needs first  
  • Because of the remarkable experience and knowledge of our engineers
  • Because we offer very good value for money

The iTrack GPS Tracking System is primarily designed for companies planning to cut their fleet management costs. Vehicles are followed by GPS tracking units. The iTrack GPS System is one of the leading fleet tracking solutions in Hungary. It is capable of tracking either small-scale or large-scale fleets. Instead of getting lost in a complex GPS tracking system to find the required information, you only have to tell us your requirements. You can easily collect the results produced by the the software no matter what the underlying hardware and software configuration is. Any type of moving vehicle, like passenger cars, company cars, agricultural vehicles, heavy duty equipment and even arbitrary third-party of GPS-devices can be tracked. Due to the high configurability of the iTrack GPS Tracking System you only get the features which you need. The system is being developed day by day by an expert team of ten software engineers. An outstanding quality assurance system is in operation at our manufacturing department. Tracking devices, fuel-level meters and other devices are installed and tested  promptly and effectively by our professional mechanics experts. Our devices are installed in more than 20 thousand vehicles of 1700 companies and the number is growing. The continuous growth, we believe, is a result of our accuracy, reliability and innovation. You can read more about our company and its staff on the ‘About us’ page.

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